Making positive impact is our goal!

You have made a right decision as a medical, nursing, pre-med/pre-nursing student or a healthcare professional to take some time out to volunteer with us and to enhance your practical knowledge and skills.

Medical students

Medical students

Final year Medical students from Spain. Albert Carlos Joana Catalina Annabel

Medical student -Adria

Medical student -Adria

Busy with a patient

Medical student

Medical student

Busy with a patient

At the pharmacy

At the pharmacy

Helping at the pharmacy

Our healthcare program gives you as a volunteer or as an intern an opportunity to better get to know the people, the communities and the health system in these communities, while giving back to the community(s) and gaining some practical experience at the same time to what you already know.

Our healthcare program gives you set of positive circumstances that makes it possible for you to explore and learn new things regarding your program, having direct contact with patients, visit many places during the outreach program and have yourself immersed in the culture of the people.

Our medical and healthcare services include medical outreach program. That is the Preventive Health Care Department (PHC) of our program. Our volunteers and interns join health team professionals to visit villages where access to health-care services are limited. Emphasis is placed on health promotion, Child Welfare Clinics and immunization campaigns as well as training programs on a healthy diet and hygienic practices, prevention, and developing links to community resources through health screenings, education and referrals.  We have a lot for you to do on this program.  Join us to touch lives. After successful completion of the program, you'll be given a Certificate of Completion. 

Program activities: 

Our medical activities varies according to your qualifications.  

Which country do you want to go? You can also choose multiple countries and still pay less. 
  • Valuable international work experience

  • Working in a reputable hospital

  • Develop and refine your skills

  • Giving back to the community

  • Local support and assistant

  • safety and security

  • Cultural immersion

  • Free language lessons

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Certificate of participation

  • Free WiFi at the host family

  • Meet other volunteers from different countries

  • Language lessons

  • Free weekend sight seeing

  • Hands-on experience program

  • Speak to number of past volunteers before you leave to Africa.

  • Flight Booking - We help you to get cheapest flight to Africa.

  • Vaccines - We provide you with an accurate information regarding the needed vaccines.

  • Passport/visa -  We give you full support in getting your visa to travel.

  • Affordable program fees

  • Fundraising tips

Some of the activities:

Our program gives you first hand opportunity to have direct contact with  those without health care in an amazing countries in Africa. The big smile and love of these people will fill you with great delight upon your arrival as you care for patients without access to medical attention. Join us to touch lives of those most in need. Whether you are volunteer without medical background or you’re a student looking to gain experience and planing to go to medical school, or you love adventure and want to travel and volunteer, stae-sa medical program is for you. As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to help in the following departments in the hospital.

  1. Out patients department

  2. Emergency ward

  3. Helping in female ward

  4. Male ward

  5. Female ward

  6. Surgical word

  7. Maternity / children ward

  8. Physiotherapy department 

  9. Be part of the outreach health care team to the villages

Once we receive you completed application form, we will send you more details activities that  you will be doing in the hospital. These will be included your placement details

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