stae-sa  coaching program creates a platform of positive learning environment, where the children learn sportsmanship, fundamental skills, teamwork, and responsibility.


The coaching program is designed to include students, coaches, trainers, retired footballers, physiotherapist and one with OR without coaching skills. 


stae-sa program participants will work with the following:

Athletes -  In developing the athletes into their full potential. You are responsible for training athletes in a sport by analyzing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and by providing encouragement.

Football teams - As a volunteer coach, you plan and supervise training sessions to develop general fitness and specific soccer skills. You will manage a team of coaches who focus on specific areas, such as defensive or offensive play, or goalkeeping. During training sessions, they practice tactics for specific plays such as free kicks or corner kicks.


Basketball teams - As a volunteer basketball coach,  typically encompasses the improvement of individual and team offensive and defensive skills, as well as overall physical conditioning. You will also have the responsibility to improve their team by player development, strategy, and in-game management.


Volleyball/netball team - Organize and execute effective team practice and coaching. Assess team players' skills and assign team positions. Evaluate own and opposing team capabilities to determine winning game strategy. Participate in scheduling, planning, and travel arrangements for away competition.

stae-sa program aimed at strengthening physical training programs in schools, orphanages and in the communities in South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Tanzania and Uganda, 


The program also includes taking kids from the streets, showcasing their talents, organizing football games to support a campaign against drug abuse, child abuse, women abuse and child trafficking.


We are busy with an initiative to develop and strengthen programs that bring the orphanages  in the communities together in sports activities. We will like you to be part of this.

Activities as a coach include the following:

  • teaching relevant skills, tactics and techniques.

  • monitoring and enhancing performance by providing tuition, encouragement and constructive feedback.

  • identifying strengths and weaknesses.

  • advising about health and lifestyle issues.

  • developing training programs.

  • undertaking administrative tasks.


Which country do you want to go? You can also choose multiple countries. 
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